My kids are a bit older now, but it’s still a LOT of energy to do things, depending! Like camping. I do hope to get a camper in the coming years. I enjoy getting out, but I struggle with how much energy it takes to pull it off.

Which brings me to day trips. With a little extra prep, I can leave early and stay out ALL day. *angels singing*

The zoo- while my kids were growing, we had a zoo membership every other year and went pretty frequently. They still know their way around like the back of their hand. Like Costco. I digress. I LOVE that to go to the zoo we don’t have to drop down into Seattle, we just go to the edge of the mess. It’s an easier way home.  On the way home we usually stop at Dick’s for burgers. Dinner, check.

The beach. I grew up on Camano Island, with both forest and beach. A glorious childhood. The beach is home in my heart. For a quick, easy fix, we jet over to Bayview State Park for sunset. All you need is 1 1/2 hours and getting the kids out for a few to throw rocks and explore is amazing for the soul and spirit.

Marine Life Center. Have you heard of this? An AMAZING little aquarium full of local sealife in Bellingham in Squalicum Harbor. There is a small touch pool, and occasionally they have an octopus!

Mount Baker. Ok, so the drive isn’t my favorite, but it’s a relatively short drive for what you get. Most time to get the views, we have to hike miles. Which can be great unless you’re pregnant and you feel like your body is falling apart. Or your littles outnumber you.  If you haven’t been, there is a whole world of amazing views just off the parking lots!  If you’ve skied there, your mind will be blown as you drive past the ski area on roads you didn’t know existed up to amazingness! The plant life is different up there. It’s beautiful. The snow melt adds sounds of streams rushing down the mountain. Easy paths to walk and stay on (no hiking necessary). An AMAZING low-key day. And there is a lodge cafe open some days, I believe, if you don’t want to pack snacks!  We went after church one week, brought up fixings for PBJ, home before sunset, and even had dinner ready to eat in the instant pot. (gold star for me!)

Kukutali Preserve State park. Bring the stroller. Beautiful one-mile walk (take the south trail- it’s easiest). It’s so less-frequented that while you may see people it’s almost like having your own private island! So gorgeous. Forest and beach.

Friday Harbor. If you park in Anacortes and walk onto the ferry, it can be a less expensive day out vs taking your car. A beautiful ferry ride through the islands (fun for kids!), and wander Fri Harbor. The whale Museum is neat! But I’m a museum person :) Not as awesome for kids as other things, but add ice cream and it will be a day to remember!

What did I miss, what are your favorite area day trips? LMK on the Contact Me page!