How We Talk Ourselves Out of the Opportunity

Especially when there are ALWAYS other things that need our money, we think well, I can do without birth photography. My husband can take photos! It's not necessary. I'll remember everything, anyway!

The Reality

When you hire me, I see the story around you that you don't. The admiring love on your husband's face as he looks at you working so hard. Without a photo you'd never even know or see it happen! Imagine holding a photo right now of your husband looking at you with pride and adoration. Gold.

Someone taking pictures with your phone will get you some documentary images, but they won't capture the emotion. The day of baby's birth is FULL of tremendous emotion- You love this new person intensely and purely with every fiber of your being, and I am trained and experienced to capture that story.

Your husband can support you OR take some photos, but not both at the same time (and once my husband was by my side, I did NOT let him go a step away from me! We would make plans for him to catch baby but when it came down to it I needed him holding my hand.)

The best postpartum gift- like the moment you get your wedding photos back! You can see the story I saw. The sweetness and beauty of the moments. This can help with emotional healing and processing your experience. Birth can be empowering, and with photography, you can revisit those empowering, beautiful moments.

Family albums give our children a sense of being loved and of belonging. Their stories begin at birth, the wedding of motherhood! Imagine your child having that album on the shelf, seeing how hard you worked, and the first look of joy on your face as you receive your prize. Oh, how much you love them and anticipated holding and loving them! It's one of the greatest love stories of all.

Is this your 2nd, 5th, 11th child? The story grows with the birth of each child, and now this is a FAMILY event, every member excitedly anticipating and welcoming wee one! Don't miss this opportunity as your family grows to capture the love and connection between the most important people in your life!

Additional Technical Aspects

As a professional I not only have the equipment to work in a variety of lighting and spaces, I know what angles and moments to look for and how to create artful photographs despite typically non-ideal space and lighting conditions! Experience, knowledge, investment of time and money (equipment and education).

I am experienced and trained in the birth space. It is a sacred space, and I am honored to be invited into it every. single. time. I am familiar with the birth process at home, in a birth center, and at a hospital. The ultimate goal is your and your baby's well-being, and your medical provider will appreciate knowing I'm trained with that same goal in mind.

Birth is Incredible

What a MIRACLE! It is transformative- life will never be the same! It is a beautiful transition, a wedding of motherhood, and part of your family story.

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