What are the steps after we fill out the form?

I'll get back with you!

Consider stalking me on socials too and feel free to send a message there: www.facebook.com/courtneyholcombphotos or www.instagram.com/Courtney_holcomb_photos

We don't have a set date yet, can we still message you?

Happy to answer any questions you have to help you in your decision-making journey!

Are the travel fees included in your packages?

My preferred location is Northern State in Sedro-Woolley, it has a HUGE variety of settings! Locations outside 15+ miles from my home are subject to a small travel fee.

I don't know what to wear?!

I'm here for you in three different ways! For sessions 30 mins or more, here's how I am available to you:

1. I will send you an email with tips and suggestions on how to prepare for your session.

2. As an above and beyond service, I subscribe to an online service to help inspire you as you shop from your closet, help you coordinate outfits, AND offer relevant, current options to clothing you can purchase if you desire.

3. You may message me directly with specific questions!

Why do I charge a travel fee?

To keep my prices down for my regular offerings close to home! I realize I'm not bacon, I can't please everyone. Heck, bacon can't please everyone, either. I hope you understand my offers are carefully thought out and calculated at every point to serve you well.

I'm not sure about you coming to my home, I won't be able to clean it!

Please don't worry about that. I'll move things around to declutter an image if I find the need.

Here is the thing. In 10, 15, 20, 50 years from now, you will relate with the images that were the sweet moments of real life.

Looking back, I wish I had someone document some moments while I raised my kids. Some pictures breastfeeding (heaven knows how many hours we spend nursing babies!) The realness of that intense season of life with littles. Marker on the floor. And walls. Laundry piles. Water cups. Toys in the walkway. Mail that needs to be attended to on the end of the counter that is beginning to look like the leaning tower of Pisa. Boxes of stuff that needs homes. This is part of the realness of life as it is right now. And in the future it will be those normal details that help connect you to the moments of the past.

Please opt to preserve memories and lay aside the idea that perfection must first be met.

Do I pay everything up front?

50% non-refundable retainer after booking, the balance due one week before the session date.

Happy to discuss payment plans! I honestly think it's a TERRIFIC idea to set up a monthly payment plan, like a membership, and am happy to accommodate this!

I'd like additional retouching, is that possible?

In my teen years I lived with constant, daily acne, as if the teen years aren't trying enough.

I truly want you and your loved ones to LOVE your photos and how you look in them! I want you to be SO EXCITED to order a giant canvas for the wall.

I want your kid to be proud of the picture on Grandma's fridge. And your graduate to feel like their best self is reflected in their yearbook photo.

Light blemish retouching can be done for $50 per gallery. More extensive work in photoshop is outsourced, inquire about desired services and I'm happy to give you a quote.

I'd really prefer to wait until I lose a few more pounds.

Yep. The story of women everywhere. Yes, I will do my best to pose you to flatter your body. You may even request photoshopping if you'd like.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that life can change. I actually pulled that card. But we went three years without family pictures. My kids grew SO FREAKING MUCH in three years. And a couple loved ones passed. Life happens. Let's get those family photos now and keep pressing into our goals with our eyes on next year's session.

And mama, your kids NEED to see you in pictures. In 50 years they will reminisce over old photos and be in awe of your beauty, because you are their mother and so dear to their hearts. They deserve those memories of you.

What if I'd like to discuss a date or time that isn't offered on your calendar?

Message me through the contact form!

May I bring grandparents- does this make it an extended family session?

Adding your parents does not make an extended family session, and I 100% recommend including them.

Again- BRING YOUR PARENTS! Future you will thank you!

Do you have a question?

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