Am I crazy?

Are you thinking I'm crazy to be sharing how to take your own newborn photos? Won't I lose business, and what if you enjoy it so much you want to get into newborn photography?

Sometimes the beginning days are such a blur, as well- baby may be colicky, or juggling multiple littles makes the thought of doing anything extra feel impossible.

Sometimes life calls for a little DIY. I decided to try pics on my own with my thirdborn- Future me's advice would have helped IMMENSELY- I didn't have any education in newborn photography yet. (The outcome was extremely humble, if I ever find those pics I'll add them to this post!)

I am convinced you'll both respect how skilled your photographer really is next time, AND you'll get some decent detail pics of your wee one right now (YES, I want this for you!!!).

And no fancy wrapping is needed- we're keeping it easy!

The Set-up

  1. Time: When your baby is happiest or sleeps the best. 10am or best nap.
  2. Light: Which room and window in your house is best? If direct sun is coming through, put up a sheer white curtain to diffuse the light.
  3. Where to put baby: On the bed, the floor, or a changing basket with a clean, simple neutral blanket or bedspread is most pleasing to the eye. Place baby either parallel to the light or head closest to the light.
  4. How to dress baby: One simple, neutral color- a white onesie, a beige romper (footless!)- prints, words, and bright colors are distracting. Or just a diaper! Babies are pretty perfect as they are.
  5. Swaddle: keep a swaddling blanket close, you may want or be able to take a few more pics of baby swaddled after you get the first set of pics.
  6. Camera: our phones are all pretty amazing now!

The Photos

K- So baby is laying on the floor, looking cute! Now what?!

Below I will give you ideas and examples!

From the Side

If baby is still one week or less, you can tuck their legs up under them a bit. One week and older they start to stretch out and lose their newborn scrunch

Looking down the body

Focusing your camera on the eyes



Oh those toes and little creases!

Arm Creases


Back Fuzz

You know it- how fuzzy some newborns backs are?! I could have captured it better here, but I did want to say something even if I don't have the perfect image!

From Above

That's a wrap!

Hope it goes well for you! I'd love to see your pics, please message me to show me!!!

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